Transport Mikko Korhonen Ltd – at your service in Finland, Germany and the Netherlands

Transport Mikko Korhonen Ltd provides safe and efficient towing services for semi-trailers. Our customers are mainly located in Finland, Germany and the Netherlands. We have more than 25 years of experience on European roads. We deliver reliable, safe and smooth transport for all kinds of needs.


If you are interested in our open vacancies in the transport sector, please read more about our recruitment process or contact us. For your transport needs, feel free to ask for a quote!

Contact details

Transport Mikko Korhonen Oy


Invoicing information

Mestarinkatu 3
70700 Kuopio

Tuomas Toiviainen
Administration, sales, logistics
+358 45 110 9962


Märt Reband
Fleet management, logistics
+358 45 107 0001

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