The website belongs to Fonecta’s website network and the website uses cookies to enable the functioning of the site and to target advertising. The user can choose to prevent or erase cookies from the browser’s settings or deny targeted advertising by visiting the opt out -website of partners who do targeted advertising. If the user continues to browse the web sites after the given information and options, the user gives his/her consent to use cookies.


Use of Cookies on this website


A cookie is file saved on the user’s computer by the provider of the web service. In practice cookies are small, anonymous text files saved inside a user’s web browser cache. The web server or service can read the cookie on later visits to the same site, enabling the service to recognize the browser and user as the same visitor as earlier. The cookie may only be used by the server that saved it in the first place and the user may not be identified as a specific person based on cookie data. Cookies pose no threat to the user’s devices.


We use cookies to collect data on how and when our websites are used: e.g. from which website the user moved to the site, when and which site is browsed, which browser is used, screen resolution, operating system and version and the IP address.


There are two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies expire as a user quits using a web service, whereas persistent cookies are stored in the user’s browser for a fixed time or until deleted by the user. Cookies make websites easier to use and enable some functionalities like recalling a session, personifying the website for the user and making log-ins easier.


So called first party cookies are placed by the website that is shown in the address bar. Besides this, cookies from third parties such as advertising networks, measurement and tracking service providers, advertising technology vendors and social media services are used.


Purpose of cookies


We use cookies in order to enable the functionality of our services. We can also use cookies to collect data about the devices and web browsers users make use of while visiting our website. The collected data may be used for analytics or targeted marketing. Utilizing cookies will make the use of our services easier for the users and result in marketing that is more targeted and relevant for each and every user.


The cookie includes only a unique identifier that enables us to identify the web browser visiting the website.


The data collected from the websites are used to form target groups in Fonecta’s network and expand the existing target audience with a so called Look-a-like modelling. The target group data may be transferred to third parties who want to show advertises to users that are likely to be interesting for the users. The third parties may combine target group information from Fonecta’s advertising network websites to their own data, to purchase advertising space from the websites users who are interested about the advertisers products or services browse. You can find more information from:


How to influence


By browsing our website you give us your informed consent to the data processing as described above. You may disable the use of cookies or do private browsing (“Private Browsing”, “Incognito” or InPrivate”). This way the websites you visit do not collect data with cookies. You should notice that many websites do not function or display properly without cookies.


You can erase your web browser’s cookie cache through the web browser settings. Erasing a cookie will delete the unique identifier stored inside the browser cache along with the web usage profile attached thereto. Erasing cookie cache will not prevent the storage of new cookies in the future. More information about how to erase or prevent cookies can be found from the instructions provided by your browser.


You can reject third party targeted advertising at Your Online Choices. The partners Fonecta uses and links to websites where you can opt-out from targeted advertising can be found at:


Please note that cookie options are browser specific. This means that if you use several browsers, you have to select the options from each browser one by one.